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  Celebrate individuality; treasure unity. When we dare to respect each other not only for the affirmation given to us, but also for their thought provoking words/ actions/ way of life, then we will truly have grown up, and can begin to change the world!  

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I am a retired educator, having taught for 48 years in both private and public elementary/middle schools. During that time I've learned much from my students and colleagues and would like to share some of my years and experiences with you.

I am still actively online and run two web projects. First, for primary and pre-primary students, the Fairy/Folk Tale CyberDictionary. It first started back in the mid 90's and now has a great collections of tales illustrated by youngsters all over.

Second, for middle and high school students, CyberTeen. Occasionally a school will join for a season at a time, but the main core has pretty much been from 5 schools. Students share their schools and experiences. Most of the activity from Cyberteen has moved to our GVC Clubhouse Wiki.

Dear to my heart is the Global Virtual Classroom. I have participated in the program since it's AT&T beginnings in 1996 and 'suffered' the few dry years before GSBI [Give Something Back International] was given the rights to begin again in 2003. Now that I am retired and can no longer participate with students, I am the GVC program manager.

 I will also continue working with Global Dreamers and the many projects they generate. I really do like helping teachers to involve students in learning about their world!

A very active group of a little over 180 educators around the world comprise a group called Hello Little World Skypers. We tackle everything from facts and frivolity, to collaborative projects on the questions in the minds of our students, to international challenges, and mind opening questions. 





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Contact: jbarnstable@gmail.com


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