My Home

My favorite place is my house and the reason that is my favorite place it is a place I can just relax and have fun playing my video game and watching my tv or even talk on instant messanger with so friends. My favorite place is so fun because i have a big backyard with a lot of space to play football or even some times baseball.

Justin, Julian Middle School, USA

My favourite place is my flat. I like to spend time there because I feel the best at home. I like to watch television and play on computer. My room is sufficiently big but I share it with my mum. I like to sit or lie on my bed. My desk is semicircular but I don't like it because I must do my homework on it. The kitchen is small but very cosy. I have described the place, which is my favourite one.

Ola M., Gimnazjum nr 16 im. Fryderyka Chopina, Lublin, Poland


My special place is my home! In my home I feel very safe and comfortable. The house is well decorated and has a beautiful garden with a lot of colourful flowers. It is eespecially nice in spring time when the flowers are blooming and the weather is nice! I like when my friends come over to spend time with me, we sit out in the garden and enjoy talking.

Sivan, Feinstein Junior High, Israel

My special place is my home. In my home I have all the things that I need. I have my food and my TV and my cat that I love. We play with the ball and it sleeps in my bed. I also play ping-pong with my friends all the time.

Lior, Feinstein Jr. High, Israel

My favorite place is my house, because I have hideouts all over my house. I have 5 out of 17 or 18 rooms in my entire house. My basement is where I relax and have parties and stuff. I have another room in my basement and it is a fort kind of. It is a secret room disguised as a bad room, but inside is where I hang with friends. I don't usually spend a lot of time in my room, unless I am sleeping, or reading. I have 2 bedrooms, but I don't use one of them. I have one dog who follows me everywhere. I spend a lot of time in my computer room though. I type a lot, like I make my own stories, and I go on Instant messaging, or I am just on the internet. Well now you know a little about me.

Do you have a room where you just relax?

Ashley K., Julian Middle School, USA

In my home I can rest and play.
My house is in Israel.
My house is located on the eighth floor.
I have been liv0ing in my present house for six years.
We have four televisions in my house.
My grandparents from Los Angeles are staying in my house.
Last week we painted my house.
In my house I have my room that I can be alone and play the computer and stuff.
I like when friend comes to my house.
I live in my house with my beloved family.

by Ofer K., Ein Ganim, Israel

My favorite place is my home because I like to be with my family and because I live there.  
In my home I play computer games, I sleep, I read, I watch T.V and I chat with my friends in MSN messenger and ICQ.

by Paz, Ein Ganim, Israel

I like my house because… I live there and I have many personal things to do and I can’t do them at any other house.

For example, I like to play and work with animation programs on my computer and watch T.V at the same time cause of the computer and the T.V at my house are really close.

I can invite my friends and play with them and I can do many other things!

by Or, Ein Ganim, Israel

I like my house because of my room, my beautiful room. My room is filled with all my dreams, with all my things and with all my little hopes. I like the colorful walls and they are pink. I have a beautiful closet. There are stickers of Winnie the Pooh on it. My pink big pillow is very nice. There are pictures on the walls. I collect statues of cats and I have many of them! I have a shelf with my books on it. In my room there are many things that I like, my room is my little corner. I like my house because my family is in it. I think that my house is the best house!

by Nitzan, Ein Ganim, Israel

My favorite place is at home. Some can say that it is regular and not interesting, but I think that this is the best place in the world. In my home I have everything I need, in the nature I’m happy but do I have a television? Or a computer? No! in home I can be on the Internet all of the day and all of the night. In home I can watch all my favorite series. In home I can read in the encyclopedia about many subjects and to improve my knowledge. I like home because of another reason, for everywhere I’ll go, this place is the only one that I can return to. This is what I can call home.

As I said before, one of the influential reason that I like my home the best is the computer. I like it because I can take part in the Inuyasha’s forum. There the members speak in the Internet about the best Anime series I’ve seen. Our communinity is the best in the Tapuz forums. I like being there because of the friendly members and the fan-art they draw and the chats that come up.

All of this I do at home. So, I consider it as the best place on earth for me!!!

by Eden K., Ein Ganim, Israel

My favorite place is my house, I'm usually in there.
I like ecpecially my room. Most of the day I'm in my room.
I have in my room two windows, a bed, closets, mirrors, a carpet, a desk, shelfs, a computer and lots of little articles that adornment the room.
In my house I also like the balcony. In the balcony there is a nice swing that I also like very much.
In the living room there is sofas and a television.
In the house there are nice furnitere and some pictures.
There is room for my parents, room for my brother, another little balcony, kitchen and bathrooms.
I like my house and I don't want to move from it.

Naama, Ein Ganim, Israel

My favorite place is my home. I was born here many years ago. I live here all my life. Here are my parents, my sister and brother. My home is my shell. I have here all people that I love. When I feel sad and unhappy or have problems, my family always helps me. They are my best friends. Our home is very nice and cozy.

Elena, LNSTU, russia